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October 22, 2013

The Role of the Pastor in Light of the Youth Exodus. Solution #1: Preach the Word!

The first sermon in the series entitled: “Stopping a Tsunami” The Role of the Pastor in Light of the Youth Exodus We literally preached the lights out of the community hall where we meet! Listen and find out what we did about.

October 4, 2013

Running the Christian Race

Message by Bart Gragtmans on running the Christian race. He draws points from Paul’s illustration on the Olympic games.

October 4, 2013

Being a Disciple of Jesus

Message by Dr. Bart Gragtmans

September 19, 2013

“The Injustice Suffered by the King of the Jews Gives Eternal Access to God”

What does it mean that the veil of the temple was torn into? Why did Jesus cry “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” Is there any significance to the miraculous darkness when Jesus was crucified? Find out!

September 10, 2013

“The Power of the Cross” Anniversary Sunday 2013

A gospel message. How do you receive eternal life? Is life pointless without Christ?

September 4, 2013

How to Witness in the Face of Persecution

August 20, 2013

Embrace the Discipline of our Loving Lord

August 20, 2013

5 Steps to Soul Satisfaction in Troublesome Times

August 20, 2013

How To Develop a Family Mission Statement

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