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October 27, 2019

Love Does Not Brag

Love doesn’t brag, but boasts in Christ and His cross. How easy it is to have a bragging mouth … or at least a bragging heart.

October 6, 2019

Love is Not Jealous

In the church, love is inconsistent with and it contradicts jealousy. Instead, love rejoices with others and doesn’t long for what they have.

September 29, 2019

Love’s Two Primary Responses

Love is patient and kind. Get patience NOW! =)

September 22, 2019

The Tragedy of Loveless Service

The first message in 1 Corinthians 13. In his estimation, one of the most important messages Pastor Greg has preached.

September 15, 2019

Necessities of a True Church

If you boil it all down, what are the necessities of a church? What are the signs that you serve in a true New Testament church?

September 8, 2019

How A Father is To Raise Godly Children

Learn the “how to” for how a dad is to raise his kids.

August 18, 2019

Children, Obey Your Parents

Children need to be taught to obey their parents. Parents and children alike could benefit from this message.

August 11, 2019

Commit to Following Christ

Delivered previous to our annual baptism. Commit to following Christ.

August 4, 2019

How to Love and Lead a Wife

There’s a lot in here in a short time. Husbands must learn how to love and to lead a wife.

July 21, 2019

How to Resolve Conflicts in the Home

How to resolve conflict in the home.

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