Our children’s ministry is not at all intended to be simply an entertainment time to occupy the children while their parents are taught from God’s word. Rather, we view our ministry to our children as an opportunity to teach them God’s truth and to train them to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, able to also disciple others. While we believe the primary responsibility of a child’s spiritual education is the home, we desire to support and reinforce their parent’s spiritual training of each child. We believe children should not just be taught the Bible, but that they should be allowed to ask questions and be taught why they should believe it. Nursery: A nursery is available for all services. Sunday Morning Sunday School: Children are taught chronologically through the Bible. Beginning at Genesis and working their way through the Bible to Revelation, children are taught the truths of the Scripture.

Children care program is available for ages 3-8

Nursery available for ages 6 - 18 mos during the service

Sunday school available for ages 3 to 12 Sept to Jun

A fully ‘staffed nursery’ is available for children who are 6 months – 18 months old. This is available each Sunday morning during the Worship Service. Your little ones will be cared for by loving and attentive volunteers. Your children can be dropped off at the Nursery during the dismissal of the older children for Sunday School.

Sunday school is a ministry to children, (and to their parents), in our church who are ages 3-12. We realize the importance of family worship time, so these children begin the worship service with their families and then are dismissed before the message for their own foundational age-targeted Biblical lesson.